​Don Bostick's interest in interior design began in childhood. In 1981, he elevated that interest to a professional level when he enrolled in the Art Institute of Dallas and earned his BA in interior design. He initially worked for larger design firms, but soon shifted his focus directly to clients when he launched Bostick Design, LLC, which has been in operation for more than 30 years.

​Don believes the design process is at once personal and collaborative. The client brings to the table his or her interests, collections, lifestyle-and then engages collaboratively with Don to explore a range of creative approaches and solutions.

​To reach that stage, Don relies on developing hand drawings for his clients. "Drawing is part of my thinking process," he says. "Computer renderings simply do not capture the detail or vision I like to present, so I work by hand-which is unusual today."

​Don can transform any room of your home, including bathrooms and the kitchen. He especially enjoys helping clients with art collections or design challenges, such as spaces used by children or even pets. His service-oriented approach has resulted in an unusually loyal, long-term clientele and a high rate of repeat business.